I AM a former Marine who served for six years to protect the freedoms we all enjoy-especially The Freedom Of Speech! I am a Muay Thai Kickboxer, Seminar Speaker, Teacher, and Author. I am Pro Law Enforcement, as I personally know a lot of great cops who are not only great cops, but, great people! My Uncle was one of them as an NYPD NARC in the sixties killed while making a drug bust.


While The Majority Of Our Law Enforcement does an Outstanding Job, the weakest link theory kicks in when we have bad cops, rogue cops who abuse their authority in an egregious manner with their behavior caught on video, and then their behavior is enabled, enpowered and reinforced as an example for others to practice when they are allowed to walk free! This makes the already dangerous and hard job even more dangerous and hard for the great cops!

Consider, Ponder, and Reflect: If all the shootings of unarmed black and brown men caught on video were reversed where Black Cops were doing the same to white suspects with the same outcome, would whites still be singing the same old lame tune: "They should have simply complied!?" Now, we all know realistically, there would be a totally different reaction!"

I created this shirt as a way for black and brown folks to take a stance without burning down their own neighborhoods, destroying other people's businesses that they have invested years in building, looting, and setting themselves up to get shot by the cops!


Finally, whether you believe in God or not, sowing and reaping is an eternal principle, a spiritual law, just like our natural law of gravity. It will work for you or against you all depending on how you use it. Try planting  tomatoes and expect corn to come up! Let me know how that turns out. For every action, there is an equal or greater reaction!


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